Roman Londinium & Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo

Roman Londinium & Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo

Mummy took me to the Museum of London to view the Roman Galleries and the British Museum to view the Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo Exhibition.

Roman Londinium

Outside the museum we saw a giant caterpillar on the wall. I saw it inside too and it said it was a caterpillar brooch.


Inside there was a room and in the room on the right side there was a rebuilt roman room with a mosaic pattern on the floor.


There were some chairs woven out of straw with brown sacks, probably pillows, filled with something soft, on the chairs.

There was a model of Roman London (Londinium) with docks and warehouses.


All around the building we kept seeing a strange green square glass bottle, looking exactly the same every time we saw it.

Through the window we saw a real bit of the Roman London Wall.

Roman wall

My favourite bit about the museum of London was the glass bottle that kept on popping up in front of my face!

Here I am dressed as a Roman Soldier.

photo (27)

Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo

The Sutton Hoo exhibition was at the British Museum. We had lunch outside on the grass and then went in.

british museum

The Sutton Hoo exhibition was in only one cabinet.


A barrow (where Anglo-Saxon people are buried) on her land at Sutton Hoo, was excavated by a woman called Mrs Pretty many years ago and inside she found a hole shaped as a ship that had rotten away and inside the hole of the ship was a dead king’s body, all of his goods and something very strange.



The very strange thing was a shatter of pieces of metal. When she dug into the burrow, it collapsed on top of “the thing”. Archaeologists put it back together again and it was a helmet!

hoo helmet 2

The archaeologists reconstructed it and it would have looked like this:

hoo helmet

There were other grave goods including a purse lid and a cauldron that was big enough to stew me in for dinner! Mummy even threatened to do it!!

sutt hoo cauldron

sutton hoo purse lid

It was an awesome day! I think I prefer Anglo-Saxons to Romans.


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