Tree Running

Tree Running Adventure


I went with my friend Cas to Tree Runners for his birthday. The only people who went were me and my friend Kobe and his sisters. When we were attached to the tree we had to follow the rope around the tree 2 metres above the ground and pass the obstacles. My favourite part was the zip slides. You had to hold onto the rope that was keeping you balanced if you fell off an obstacle, and then you let go and you would slide down and there was nothing to sit onto. You just hung in mid-air!


You had two courses. The first one was the longest one, but the easiest one. The second course was the shortest but the hardest. First you had to climb up a big roped netting hole to the top of the tree. This time you were 2 1/2 metres above the ground. Then there were some new obstacles. There was a step-thing which was lots of brown circles and ropes hanging down above them to walk across.


On the second course everyone had got used to doing the zip wire and instead of doing the hard bits we tried to zip past them. I had a go zipping through the nets.


We had a birthday tea and then went back to Cas’ house and played with him.

The day was really good fun and I would recommend it to brave children.


2 thoughts on “Tree Running

  1. What a lot of fun you have been having Roo!
    I am much much older than you and would have loved to have had tree running when I was young, as I enjoyed climbing just one tree!

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