Lightbox Project

Lightbox Project run by Utilita and TechCamps


Today I went to the Lightbox Project in Winchester. It was AWESOME!

There was a giant piano on the floor that you could run up and down on and play music. There were strobe water light box things and the water stopped in mid air.

I made a house and coloured it in. Then connected up some wires and a battery and a bulb and it lit the house up!

photo (39)


Then I put it in the town next to my brother’s house.


They looked so cool!


They had a 3D printed machine that made robots.


I got to keep one. But I liked the whole little army of them!


And I did a Virtual Reality game with a headset on. It was an Occulus Rift. I was on a fairground ride which would swing backwards and forwards and it went higher and higher until it went round in circles! It made me feel dizzy!


I made a UV torch that I could take home too.

This was such a great day out. I strongly suggest you go on a Tech Camps workshop yourself.


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