(Re)Invention Kit by Techcamps

Science in a Box

The lovely people at Techcamps sent me a (Re)Invention Kit to review.

photo (42)

There were lots of activities in it. I did it with my Daddy. Here is what we did.

Shape Memory Alloy


This was a piece of wire that can remember its shape. First of all it was a straight wire. I bent the wire into a line with a bump in it. Then I put it into the cup of hot water.


The wire was supposed to change back to a straight wire, instead of a wire with a bump in it.


It took a bit of time to work because the water had cooled down a bit in the pot. Eventually the wire was straight again.



Thermochromic Panel


Thermochromic. What does it mean? Thermo means warm, like a thermal vest. Chromic means colours.

It is a small black panel and the heat of your body will make it change colour. Take your finger and press it onto the black panel. Take it off and you will see either the colours brown, orange, green or blue. If it is brown, you are very cold. If it’s orange, you’re a bit cool. If it’s green, you’re moderately warm. If it’s blue, you’re in perfect body temperature!



This is a type of plastic. It came in small pellets in a bag. We put the small bits in a bowl of warm water and stirred it. At first the pellets were white and were always falling apart. But then they all flew together and turned see-through as we stirred them. We picked it out with some chopsticks because it was very hot. I modeled it into a little ball. It was still see-through.


Then I modeled it into a piece of string and twirled it round and round to make a piece of pasta.


Then Daddy modeled it into a little man for my brother!

photo (41)

Then the Polycaprolactone turned white again and went hard. It is still a little man now, but if I want to make something else, I can put it in a bowl of hot water again and it will become see-through and soft.

Self-Healing Polymer


We cut the plastic in half and then we took one of the two halves and put it on top of the other one over-lapping it a bit. Then we pressed really hard down on the two bits of plastic that were over-lapping. Then the plastic was one piece again. We couldn’t pull it apart.

Instant Snow


This was great fun! This was a tiny packet of instant snow.


We put the instant snow in hot water and it grew and grew and grew. Then it went all mushy like real snow. Then I could mold it.



This was a brilliant science kit. If you want to find out more, go to: http://techcamp.org.uk/reinvent


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