Book Review – Secret of the Sirens


Secret of the Sirens by Julia Golding

The book is about a society for the Protection of Mythical Creatures. There is a girl called Connie and her friend Col is in the society. Everybody knows about the society but they are trying to keep it a secret from Connie, especially her aunt.

Connie is allowed to take a test to see if she can join the society, and she turns out to be a universal companion for all mythical creatures, so she is able to join the society.

But Kullervo, an evil force, is luring mythical creatures into wanting to destroy the human race. He has already lured in the Sirens, mythical creatures from the Greek Myths, a bird with a woman’s head, and they sing magical songs that lure sailors to their deaths. Connie has to leave dealing with the Sirens to Signor Antonelli, one of the society members. But her job is to keep herself safe from Kullervo, because if he has a universal companion on his side, he will be unstoppable and the human race will be destroyed. But Connie is not ready for this, as she has not had any training of being a universal companion and does not know how to resist Kullervo’s evil temptation.

If you buy the book, in the back you can find details of a website for the society members and you can join them.


I thought this book was very good and I would like to read the next one now! I can recommend this book to you if you like magic and myths.


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