Mini Roo!

Hello, I’m Roo!

photo (59)

My Mummy’s friend Amy, makes dolls with lots of make-up on into normal looking dolls and gives them out to my friends at school. They are made to look exactly like their owner.

The first one given out was my one, Roo.

facebook_1427799670063 photo (63)

Amy’s mum knitted the doll’s jumpers. Amy would take off the doll’s faces with nail varnish remover and paint on a more life-like face. The doll’s don’t come with shoes so she makes the shoes for them with fimo. She will supply you with one set of clothes for your doll and then you can ask your mum to make more clothes or you can make the clothes yourself.



photo (58)

photo (61)
“It’s going to rain!”

photo (62)
Roo in her library in the skirt that I made her.

photo (64)
All dressed for winter!

photo (68)
“It’s time for a party!”

photo (65)
“Giddy up, Starburst!”

photo (67)
Roo loves decorating her house with STICKERS!

photo (66)
I always have my head in a book!


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