Future Smart Course by C J Simister

This Easter I attended a GIRLS ONLY Future Smart course. The teachers were called Mrs Simister and Mrs Avery. There were lots from my school there. It lasted 3 days.

photo (70)
(Me and Mrs Simister)

On the first day our subject was Creativity, Originality and Innovation. My favourite activity on that day was the fashion designing contest at the end of the day when you had to create one or two costumes made out of recycled RUBBISH with a theme to it. My team’s theme was Easter costumes and because of our theme we were given a pack of fuzzy Easter stickers to stick around our costume. One of the girls was dressed as an Easter Lollipop Lady and the other one was dressed as the Easter Bunny with a round plastic baking tray with two toilet rolls stuck to the top like bunny ears.

On my chart for that day, I ticked ‘Creativity Thinking, Originality and Innovation’ are a challenge for me, but I’m not giving up!

On the second day was my favourite day of all because it had my favourite word in that I am best at in the whole wide world, CURIOSITY! Our subject today was Curiosity, Focus and Investigation. My best activity was the ghost hunt. You have to imagine it is Hallowe’en night and all of the ghosts are having a competition to see who is the best at scaring humans. You were given a chart of the names of the ghosts competing along with the names of the places they could be haunting, the skills that the ghosts could possibly be expert at and the skills that the ghosts could be practising. Your job is to use the clues you are given to help you work out what ghost is haunting where, what they are experts at and what new skill they were practising. It was a logic puzzle.

The next day was the last day. On that day our subject was Persistence, Problem Solving (which I am also very good at), and Positivity. This last day had my favouritist thing that we did out of the whole course – A MURDER!

We were just about to have our wonderful last day competition, and we had been split into groups, when Mrs Simister got a call from the Police saying there had been a murder at the venue that we were at. They had heard that that day we had been working on problem solving and so they asked us if we would help solve the murder. The victim’s name was Felicity Kent, a games app boss in a computer software station. There were 5 witnesses and 4 of them were sent to the police to be interviewed and the interviews were sent to us. We interviewed the fifth witness personally, Isobel Jensson, the youngest worker, and Felicity’s best friend. She didn’t say much and acted suspicious. Someone from one of the other teams was tempted to ask the positive question, ‘Did you murder her?’. I mean, what a crazy question to ask!

We finally had a big group huddle and all of the groups came together with the other groups to say what they had worked out and we eventually put it together. The murderer was witness 4’s brother because when we went to the scene of crime someone had dropped a horse betting paper and some foreign money. Witness 4 had said her brother likes to bet on horses all over the world. Isobel Jensson helped him because we were shown a message still open on Felicity’s computer when they found the body. Felicity had wanted to send it to an unknown person called Jack. We later found out this was Felicity’s brother. Isobel was part of this because she had told Felicity not to tell anyone about the brilliant app that she had created. Sadly it says in the letter that Felicity told Jack. Isobel must have been in the room at the time because suddenly the message stops halfway through a word, probably at the moment she was killed. When we went to the crime scene we found two empty wine glasses and we asked the police to send them to the lab to examine them along with Felicity’s body. In the first glass was practically just wine. In the second glass was also wine, but added in an unknown substance – poison! We now obviously know how Felicity stopped in the middle of her message. This is when we worked out how it happened. Isobel stayed behind to keep Felicity company whilst she was typing the letter to Jack. Felicity must have thought that Isobel wasn’t interested in the letter and wasn’t looking. But she was!

This course was the best course that I have ever been on and I want to go again next year. I would recommend you go on this course next year if you’re a girl and you like creativity, curiosity, investigation and problem solving.

I feel MUCH smarter after being on the Future Smart course!


If you want to book, go here: http://www.future-smart.com/FutureSmart/Welcome.html


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