Roo on the Brue!

Mill on the Brue Activity Centre


This was my first week away from home! I was scared. But during the week I had no time to be sad because it was too much fun.

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When we got there, we were first taken to our rooms to unpack. I was in a dormitory with Emma and Milena. There were 3 bunk beds in the room, so we all got a top bunk!

We were then taken to the patio down by the longhouse where we ate, to be put into our groups. We would work in these groups all week. I was in The Badgers with Melanie, Ben, Freddie, Zofia, Immie, Emma, Daniel and Tom. We then did some basic name games and then went onto our first challenge.



We did orienteering. We had a map and we had to go and find the posts around M on the B.


Challenge Track 3

Activity 1 – Crazy Gutters
This used pieces of plastic guttering and you had to get a ball from the box where it was kept with the guttering to a tub about 10 feet away from the box, without it dropping on the ground, and you couldn’t move your FEET, when the ball is in your gutter. This was as problem for me and my team, The Badgers, and even our instructor, Raph, didn’t know how we would manage it because there was only 9 of us! And the width of our bodies was about half a foot wide!

First we started with Melanie at the front closest to the box and I was at the back, BUT I wasn’t very close to the tub.

Let me show you the distance from me to the tub.


We made a plan. Once the ball had gone through Melanie’s gutter, she would run down to the bottom to be next to me, and once the ball had gone through Immie’s gutter, she would run to the back, and so on and so on, until it got to Freddie who was standing on my left. But we had a bit of a problem with that. Freddie hadn’t actually been listening that much and when the ball went into Ben’s gutter and Ben was next to Freddie, Freddie ran all the way down to the bottom of the line to be next to the tub, so poor Ben had to lunge with his knees trying not to move his feet, to get the ball across the gap to my gutter.

Then it eventually went down and down and down and we almost got it into the tub, but we did not! We tried AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN until we DID IT!!!!

Activity 2 – Sheep Pen
On the next activity, we had to pretend to be sheep, BAAAAA!
We had to go into our pen which had electric wires around it. We had to get OVER the fence using the equipment in our pen, which was a plank of wood. We wanted to get out of our pen so we could go and see the Sheep Rock Star performing in the other field, Gary BAAAA-low.
We were very clever sheep so we came up with a plan. The problem was, because we were sheep, someone decided that we should speak in sheep language, so there was a lot of Baaa-ing! Finally we found a way to get everyone out of the pen. The Rams (boy sheep) picked up the plank and put balanced it on one knee. The the lamb (me, because I’m the smallest), jumped onto the plank and over the wire. One sheep free!
Then all of the ewes (girl sheep), except Melanie, jumped over as well. Then some of the Rams jumped over too, until there were two Rams left holding the plank. Prob-lem!!

Then Melanie had an idea. She knelt down on one knee and put her hands on the other knee. Then Freddie could jump over. This left Melanie trapped in the pen. Bigger prob-lem!!!!!

Then all of the sheep on the outside, put their hands under the electric fence and boosted Melanie over! And then a Ram caught her.
We were all free!


Burma Bridge
We then did the Burma Bridge challenge and the small zip wire. You could only cross the bridge if you answered a question correctly. My question was something no one else knew. It was ‘What is it called when a river goes all curvy and wavy like the River Brue’? I knew it was a MEANDER! It was really strange, because at home, the week beforehand, when I was writing my novel, my Mummy and I discussed Rivers, Meanders and Oxbow Lakes!

We had Leek and Potato Soup for dinner. Some people didn’t like it, so other people ended up eating theirs as well and I had at least 2 bowls of soup! Main course was chicken drumsticks and chips and for pud it was fresh fruit.

Then we went to bed. There was much excitement on the first night and it took a while to get to sleep! My dorm, Cedar, and the dorm next to us, Pine, stayed up talking until we fell asleep. The last one to fall asleep was Amelia.


Miss Burns did a room inspection in the morning, then we had breakfast. I had weetabix.

Then the first activity of the day was the assault course. It had nets, a tunnel, balance beams, swinging bridges, gates, a fireman’s pole and the car wash. The car wash had a habit of taking off children’s trousers(!) but I was alright as I was wearing leggings!


I was in a canoe with Daniel. We got very wet. We had to experiment with our canoeing. Raph was the Spanish Galleon and there were two teams. You wanted your team to get the ‘bomb’ into Raph’s boat to sink him, but you had to pass it through the whole of your team first before you could sink his boat. The other team won.

This was a great game. You had to put on goggles that cut out all vision and walk in a conga line. When the first person bumped into something, they had to give instructions to the rest of the team on how to get over/through/past the obstacle.

We were exhausted and we all went straight to sleep.


Crate stacking
Miss Kirk came to see us today and she watched us do crate stacking.


We had to stack crates on top of each other and get it as high as we could, working as a team again. I worked with Zofia. We managed 6 crates high in 3 mins, working together and waiting for each other when we got behind.

Grass Tobogganing
We slid down the hill on a grass toboggan really fast, again and again and again! It was really fun!


Colony Game
The Badgers were no longer the Badgers, they were the Sherpa tribe.
We put Sherpa face paint on. All of the other tribes called it war paint, but we didn’t as we weren’t a warring tribe, we were a peaceful tribe.

First all of the tribes went to the trading ground to trade what they had to get what they needed, which was cocoa powder, milk powder, marshmallows, paper for the fire, canvas for their shelter roof and a set of poles to make their shelter from.

Then we went back to our camp and split into 3 3’s. One three went off to gather firewood, another three went off to think of a way to entertain the water native to make him give them water and my three built the shelter. Then after that we all went off to find marshmallow sticks. Then we went to the campfire. Raph made cocoa and we toasted marshmallows to eat. Then the three performed for the water native and was successful first time luckily and they were given water. With the water we could make cocoa.

Clay Oven
We made pizza in the clay oven with fresh vegetables from M on the B. I made my pizza square-shaped. It had a lip around the edge so the tomato sauce wouldn’t dribble out. I had cheese topping.

Tunneling was good. We went tunneling in dark tunnels. It wasn’t under the ground but it felt as if we were under the ground.


Big Zip Wire
When I went on the zip wire I was third to go on the wire. I was excited when I was going down it but scared beforehand. It seemed like it lasted forever, but probably lasted 1 minute.

When Daniel went down it he got stuck over the river and had to be rescued. I think he was enjoying it. I wish I was the one who got stuck over the river!


On the last night we had a disco. It was rather fun. There was a glitter ball and disco lights and lots of music.


We came home! Boo-hoo!

Going to Mill on the Brue was the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! So far!
I want to go back again.


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