Watch Out for Spies at The National Archives

Watch Out for Spies at The National Archives!

My Mummy took my brother and I to the ‘Watch Out, Watch Out, There’s a Spy About’ event at the National Archives in Kew.


The National Archives was the biggest building I had ever seen. It even goes underground in vaults. They had 11.5 million boxes of documents.

When all of the ‘spies’ had arrived we had a snack and and squash and went to the Keeper’s Collection area and were shown a picture from a secret document. We had to guess what it was.


It was a radio transmitter used to communicate to other spies.


Then we were given a challenge to find out about the spy that had used it.


Our instructors, Annie and Rachel, stuck pictures and documents that would help us learn about the spy up on the walls. We all paired up and went off with a clipboard and a pencil to find out about the spy.  Here are some photos of the evidence.


This is an Identity Card saying the name of the spy. It could be true or it could be fake!


These photos show a group of people finding something in a hedge.


This shows a map of the location of a parachute.

Every one got different answers but here are the right answers:

  • The spy’s name was Karl Richter
  • His country was attacked by the Germans and he was forced to become a German spy
  • He was sent to London and was given a fake identity card with the name Fred Snyder
  • He was sent to find an English radio transmitter and listen to all of the secret recorded messages and learn the English spies’ secrets
  • He tried to hide and became ill and got captured by the British Police and he told them where to find his parachute and that’s what those people were pulling out of the hedge
  • Soon after, he was executed

Then we went back to where we had our snack. There were codes to crack and disguises to make and invisible writing to do.


There were two very strange spies there!



This was an amazing day and I know I will go back here. If you want to book on a day, go to: The National Archives.


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