Shakespeare Untold at The Globe

Shakespeare Untold

I was invited as a VIP by the lovely people at The Globe Theatre in London, to come and review their new Shakespeare play for children, Shakespeare Untold – Othello, The Doctor’s Tale.

When we arrived and went up to the desk and I said ‘We have come to see the Shakespeare Untold’ and I said who I was, a man appeared behind us and said ‘Oh My Goodness, Roo. I was expecting you. Please come this way!’ I WAS A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!!!

I was so shocked, I couldn’t speak for a time and went shy!

One of the press officers who had invited me called Phoebe wanted to come and meet me in person so we waited in the cafe.  Phoebe gave me a Shakespeare’s Playground notebook. She told me that the man who I had just seen was one of the writers of the play and there was an authoress who was the only actress in the play. It was a one person play and all of the other parts were played by clothes on clothes hangers.



We were escorted down to the seats and I sat at the very front on cushions.


The play was all about a doctor who had been in Othello talking to Othello and Desdemona and Iago and had been there when Desdemona was murdered by Othello. It was a very good play. I think it is worth buying a ticket to see it.


I discussed my ideas for another Shakespeare Untold play with the authoress. My untold story from a Shakespeare Play is from The Tempest. I call it ‘Sycorax’s Spells’. Sycorax is the mother of Taliban and you never get to see her in The Tempest as she has already died. I think she wrote down all her spells in a book and this book is found by Prospero and it is her spells that he is using on the island, so in a way, Sycorax is controlling all the people in The Tempest.

001 (2)

There are great things to learn online about Shakespeare and how to write your own play in iambic pentameter. Try here:

Shakespeare’s Playground


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