YHA South Downs Camping Pod Adventure!

YHA South Downs Camping Pod Adventure!


Mummy picked us up from school and instead of taking us home we drove all the way to Sussex on a mad crazy adventure!

We stayed at the YHA South Downs place in their brand new camping pods! They were like little wooden houses that hobbits might live in!

We had beds and green duvets. It was so exciting!



We took a small barbecue and Daddy made us hotdogs for dinner outside, even though it was pouring with rain. I had to hold the umbrella.


The next morning we went to see the Long Man at Wilmington. He was very long!



Then we went to the nearby very old churchyard with a Yew tree that is so old that it is held up by wooden posts and a huge iron chain!



It is maybe 1600 years old and all the way around it is 23 feet.

Then we drove to Brighton and went on the beach.



My brother made a pebble angel.


We went on the pier and played lots of slot machines. I won a nurf gun and a glider and a boomerang. Then we went home very tired. 🙂

If you get a chance, you MUST go and stay in one of the Pods because it is fab. Here is more information about it: YHA Camping Pods


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