Book Review – The Imaginary by A. F. Harold

The Imaginary by A. F. Harold

The Imaginary

This book is about a girl called Amanda who finds an imaginary boy called Rudger and they become best friends. Everything is fine until the mysterious Mr Bunting arrives at their door claiming to have seen Rudger, when the only person able to see the imaginary boy is Amanda. Rudger finds out that Mr Bunting wants to suck him up to gain an extra year of life!

What I like best about it is: When a child starts to forget about their Imaginary, their Imaginary is brought to the library overnight to meet up with other homeless Imaginaries and find a new home.

Recommended Reading Age: 8 ½ yrs and above.

You will like this book, if you like: Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy

How does it make me feel when reading it: It was scary at parts but it shows a real friendship between a girl and her imagination.

(This review first appeared on The Guardian’s website.)


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