Book Review – The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono

The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono


This book is about hope for the future and always believing that things will be better one day. It is a very short book but it says everything it needs to, to make you want to change. The power of the spirit of one man on the countryside is incredible.

What I like best about it is: Many years later after the man has died, and the war is over, everyone thought what had used to be a dirty desert of no man’s land and was now a beautiful lush forest full of groves and lakes was natural, but it was all the work of one man.

Recommended Reading Age: 2 yrs and above. You could read it to your baby at bedtime and it would fill them with hope.

You will like this book, if you like: inspiring books that fill you with wonder from the very first letter.

How does it make me feel when reading it: It made me feel like it couldn’t be described any better and it was the one story I had been searching for all my life and I will read over and over again at least 900 times before I die.

(My review first appeared in The Guardian newspaper.)


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