The Story Museum and the Ashmolean

The next day we went into Oxford and looked at some of the museums.

The Story Museum – Oxford

The is a really amazing museum. There are not things in glass cases, you just walk around the museum and interact with all the things.


There is a GIANT story bed where you can put a dressing gown and slippers on and go and lay down and listen to a story.

There is the Wardrobe from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and when you walk through it you go into Narnia and sit on the White Witch’s sleigh.


There was a great room where you choose a story board and you then choose an adjective, a noun and a place and you put them in the story board and then you dress up and you take them to the story throne and your story is announced by magic! It is really weird. I don’t know how it works. Buddy loved this room.

For more info, go here: Story Museum

After that, we went for lunch  and in the cafe there was this quiz which I worked out! I won’t tell you the answer though.


Then after lunch we went to the Ashmolean Museum. There was a great Top 10 Things Trail that we did. The best thing was Powhatan’s Mantle. He was the father of Pocohontas.


Also, the Alfred Jewel was very good, although it was very small.


I can’t remember what else we did on this holiday, but I think that is enough!!


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