Camping Holiday in the Cotswolds

Camping Holiday in the Cotswolds


We had our very first camping holiday in The Cotswolds. The campsite was very small and only had space for 7 pitches, which means no crowded campsite. We each had our own plot of land with our own toilet onsite and our own tap. Each plot had a name and we were called Hare’s Hollow.


We had our own parking space in the farmyard and no cars were allowed on the site so it was safe to run around. There were goats and chickens on site which we were allowed to visit and collect the eggs for breakfast and we were allowed to stroke the goats.



On every plot there was a little pathway that led up into the forest. It went up a steep slope and every path was joined together on each site and in the middle was a big tree where you could sit and look at the fields behind you. This meant the children from each site could meet up together at the top by the tree and meant that we would have lots of friends.


This is our new tent! It has three bedrooms and a living room.


Warning – do not read on unless you want to witness RoooReviews’ 2016 LONGEST review!!

On the first day we went to Blenheim Palace.

Blenheim Palace



This is the home to the Dukes of Marlborough and was the home of Winston Churchill.


First we went inside but were cautious to look up when we went in. something was watching us!!


A big palace needs a big key, right?

Inside you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing decoration.

Look up:


Look over here:


Look.. well, you get the idea!

Outside there was much to do. It was the biggest grounds a house could have and they were designed by Capability Brown, a famous garden designer and this is his 300th anniversary of his birthday. We took a tour around the grounds on a golf buggy.












We went on a mini train which took us to the butterfly house and the maze and the kids playground.


We went into the butterfly house, which was really hot and steamy!

This looks like a leaf but it is actually a butterfly:


Look what we found among the ferns!


We went in the maze:



We loved it at Blenheim and got annual passes so that we can go again. I would like to go back for the Christmas Lights!

More information: Blenheim Palace

The next day we went to Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle

We had a fantastic day at Warwick.

First of all, my brother did Knights’ Training School.



This was absolutely the best part of the day for Buddy and he could have done it all day long! 1, 2, 3… do it again now!! Lol.

No Knight Training anywhere else that we might go to will be as good as this one.


Then, because we hadn’t had enough of combat, we went over to see the jousting. This was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

It was done by the Knights of Middle England.

There were the good knights who were led by Thomas de Beauchamp the Earl of Warwick, and the bad knights who were led by the Black Knight who came from France I think. The maiden got captured but she fought her way out because she was awesome.
















Me and Buddy with the Earl of Warwick.


Buddy and the Baddy! (They swapped weapons!)


After the jousting, me and Buddy and Daddy climbed up onto the battlements whilst Mummy sat down and had an ice-cream.




Then Mummy and I went inside the tower and did a Princess mystery thing where we had to save the prince who was trapped in a portrait. It was very clever and the pictures moved in the frames, just like in Harry Potter.


We went inside and had a tour of the castle and the guide told some scary stories about the history of the castle which made one little girl cry. Maybe it was his first time being a tour guide.

Then we watched a Horrible Histories show. It was funny. We didn’t get to go in the maze as we ran out of time and we didn’t go in the dungeons as it is too scary for children. I would like to go back again and stay over night in the castle because you can do that now. That way, I would have two days to see everything in the castle and I think you need two days to see everything.

At the end of the day, we watched the trebuchet fire.


It was an amazing day out and even though the queues were really long to get in, it was worth it. I highly recommend that you go here!

More information: Warwick Castle

The next day we went into Oxford and looked at some of the museums.

The Story Museum – Oxford

The is a really amazing museum. There are not things in glass cases, you just walk around the museum and interact with all the things.


There is a GIANT story bed where you can put a dressing gown and slippers on and go and lay down and listen to a story.

There is the Wardrobe from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and when you walk through it you go into Narnia and sit on the White Witch’s sleigh.


There was a great room where you choose a story board and you then choose an adjective, a noun and a place and you put them in the story board and then you dress up and you take them to the story throne and your story is announced by magic! It is really weird. I don’t know how it works. Buddy loved this room.

For more info, go here: Story Museum

After that, we went for lunch  and in the cafe there was this quiz which I worked out! I won’t tell you the answer though.


Then after lunch we went to the Ashmolean Museum. There was a great Top 10 Things Trail that we did. The best thing was Powhatan’s Mantle. He was the father of Pocohontas.


Also, the Alfred Jewel was very good, although it was very small.


I can’t remember what else we did on this holiday, but I think that is enough!!


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