Bread from Potatoes!

Bread from Potatoes!

We went to a WWII Food Rationing Course at the National Archives in Kew.

This was a great day and there were lots of activities to do.

We first had a talk in the Keeper’s Gallery all about how food was rationed in WWII.

Then I got a passport with the types of activities and where they were in the building and then we could go off and do them in any order.

My favourite table was the food tasting table where we got to eat foods from the War. We had cake that was made without any eggs which was tasty and I found out that I LOVE SPAM!!!  It is really nice! It is made from sausages and ham. I made Mummy buy some at Tescos afterwards!

We sat outside and designed a food planting scheme for our WWII garden and then we planted some herbs in a pot.  Unfortunately we left the pot behind when we left. 😦

There was a craft table and we could make badges out of the media from those times.

Unfortunately we didn’t take many photos of the day as we were so busy doing the things, but it was awesome.

The National Archives often put on great family events, so you should go to one! National Archives Events



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