The WonderLab at the Science Museum

The WonderLab at the Science Museum

The new Wonderlab has opened at the Science Museum in London and it is possibly the best science place for young children that I have EVER been to!!!!!!!

You have to pay to get into the WonderLab, but it is worth it and we spent all day there.  Also, our mum bought annual tickets so we can go back as many times as we like.

When we came in, there was a strange row of boxes with holes in the sides and people were sticking their heads through. so I decided to have a go.  I stuck my head in through a hole and this happened:

This bit was all about reflections. they are called Infinity Boxes.

It was fun being able to ‘High-5s’ the copies that were on either side of me!

The next thing that caught my eye was probably the biggest display in the main room. In the middle of the room, a circle had been cut out of the floor and was rotating around with a model of the Sun in the middle and the earth and the moon by the edge.

This was the main Space display. You could stand on the floor as it rotated around.

There were stars on the ceiling above.

My brother liked building a bridge and then walking over it.

There were several great displays about Matter and the three states.

Here are some of the other displays that were really cool.

This is me changing the frequency of the vibrations in the tube.

This display was about Light and Colour.

I put my head in the ball and changed the colours to mix them and make different colours.

There was a display about black holes where you dropped balls into ‘space’ and watched their orbits around the black holes.

I liked the ‘Pulleys’ display and pulled myself up to the ceiling on a chair.

There was a display about waves (like sound and radio waves)

There was a giant magnetic log that you could play on.

Tessellation wall:

As well as all of the interactive displays there were science shows running throughout the day. We went into see one of the science shows and it was all about circuits and electricity, called Live Wire.

He did a funny quiz show where we had to guess if an item was a Conductor or Insulator.

Here is a picture of me and the scientist being a live wire and making a circuit with our bodies.

My brother liked making magnetic tubes on the walls for a ball to run down.

There was a show with a giant Tesla Coil.  It was very loud!

This showed us electricity in action.

A great area to play in was the Friction Slide.  These were three sides all covered in different materials and you could guess which ones were going to be slow and which ones were going to be fast.

If you wanted to learn more about this, you could try out different materials in the Friction Library.

My brother in the gift shop!

This was an AMAZING day out and we will definitely be going back there again.  I think the annual pass is really good value for money if you live in London or if you visit London a lot.

For more information, check out: WonderLab!


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