The Pitt Rivers Museum – Oxford

The Pitt Rivers Museum – Oxford

I went to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford with my brother and my friends Kobe and Isla.  The museum is hidden at the back of the Natural History Museum. It is a simply amazing museum with all sorts of anthropological things!  There were Native Tribal masks and tools on the lowest level,  as well as some of the very first automatons on the right-hand side.

The museum is full of old Victorian display cabinets and drawers that you  can open to see all of the collection inside.

There were Japanese samurai suits on the very top level along with weaponry.  If you have Dads who like samurai stuff, I advise them to go and see it.

On the lowest floor was a totem pole and suspended from the ceiling is a canoe!  It’s really strange!

They had some children’s activities to do, on the first floor including putting your hand in a box to guess that is in there.

This was a really fascinating museum and I would love to go back for another look.

If you would like more information, please visit Pitt Rivers Museum.


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