Port Aventura and Salou – Spain!

Port Aventura and Salou – Spain!

This summer and last summer we went to Salou in Spain. Last year we went to Port Aventura and went on all of the rides.  This year, we just hung out in Salou.

It was my first time on an aeroplane.

Port Aventura

Port Aventura is a theme park in Spain which is basically their Disneyland. Last year we stayed their in the Mexican Themed hotel called El Paso. They had a massive swimming pool and an all you can eat buffet with churos! The theme park is just a short walk from the hotel. When you enter the park you see the dancing fountain display.

The park is really big and to get around you can go on the mini train.

There were lots of roller coasters but I didn’t go on many as I don’t like roller coasters.

My brother liked the bumper cars.

The theme park is divided up into different areas, and each area looks like that place.  For example, there is a China area.

And there is a special small childrens area.


This year went stayed in and around Salou.

We played on the beach a lot.

The food at the hotel was really good.  It was also a buffet like last year and you could choose what you wanted.  My brother loved ‘Gambas’!

We could also take wrapped crossiants from the breakfast table to have as a mid-morning snack by the pool.

Daddy taught us to dive.

We went to Tarragona for the day on a bus.  This is a Roman city and there are lots of roman ruins around.  We went to look at the Roman ampitheatre.

And we had a walk around Tarragona.

Tarragona is where they do the competition of the Human Castles.  We saw a statue of the tower and pretended to join in.

Can you see who is really at the top of the tower? A pigeon!!

Amazingly they came to our hotel in the evening and performed for us!  Daddy, Buddy and I even got to be in the bottom layer of the castle! It was hard work.

We then went up to our balcony and looked down on the tower.

The next day we went to Aquopolis Water Park.  This was great fun!

It was full of water slides that we went on all day long.

We don’t have many photos of this because we were in the water.

But there was also a Dolphinarium here and we watched a great show.

One evening we went for a walk into Salou town at night. We walked along a boardwalk which is attached to the edge of the cliffs.  If the tide is coming in you can get very wet with the spray!

There was a fountain show and we all got very wet!

This was a great holiday and I would love to go back again!

If you would like more information about this amazing holiday, have a look at these links:





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