A Day in Dorset

We went for several walks in Dorset on a really sunny day in Autumn.

Walk 1 – Colmer’s Hill and Hell’s Lane

We started off by having ‘brunch’ at the cafe in Symondsbury Kitchen (DT6 6HT).

Then we started our walk. You go back out the car park that you parked in and then turn left and follow the permissive footpath signposted left along the field. This means that the landowner gives you permission to walk on the land.

Continue along the side of a field going upwards and then go over a stile gate onto the road. This is called Shute’s Lane. Keep walking onwards and the path splits and you take the left. This now leads into one of the ancient Holloways that you can find many of in Dorset. Hell’s Lane is the most spooky of these. It has been created over 100s of years by drivers and carts going down the same path. The stone is soft and has been eroded. Also it has been quarried and the heavy stones on carts have made the Lane even more sunken. Buddy and I hid in a cave in the lane and jumped out in Mum and Dad! There’s lots of ancient graffiti too.

After exploring Hell’s Lane, we turned around and headed back to start the climb up Colmer’s Hill. You don’t have to go back down Shute’s Lane but can climb the hill from the back. Go through the iron gate and head up the hill all the way to the top.

The views from the top are amazing and you can see all the way to the sea. Mummy said the top of the hill is magical and you can’t count how many trees are on top, just like in the Hundred Acre Wood, but Daddy counted 9!

We then walked down the front of the hill, bear left at the bottom and through the field and the gate into the village of Symondsbury. We were passed by a giant jogging Aragog spider and several Harry Potters! Then we went and looked in the church and wandered back to the car.

Walk 2 – Golden Cap

We drove to the secret National Trust Car Park at Langdon Hill (DT6 6JW). I say secret because there is no signs from the main road (A31), but you turn down Muddyford Lane it looks like this: https://goo.gl/maps/oN9vVuH7CKx

Take the left turn down Muddyford Lane and park in the pay and display car park, as near the end as you can get.

There is a play trail in the woods there but ultimately you are heading left out the bottom of the car park. And it is great fun hiding through the woods as you walk along the path.

Follow the signs and head down, to the right, over a couple of stiles, through a field and up, up, up to the top of the world!!

After we stayed at the top and enjoyed the view, we retraced our steps to the car, and drove down to the beach at Seatown and played in the sea.

And then we had a very expensive fish and chips in The Anchor Inn (DT6 6JU).

As the sun went down, we drove home exhausted. 😊


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