Book Review – The Story of Antigone by Ali Smith

The Story of Antigone by Ali Smith


I am sorry to say, but I did not like this book at all. It is about a girl who goes to bury her brother just because her uncle says he is a criminal and should not be buried or remembered when the other brother gets to be remembered as a hero.

The whole story is told from the point of view of a crow!! And at the end, EVERYONE dies, except the nasty uncle who lives!!!! Seriously??

What I like best about it is: Er, nothing. Sorry.

Recommended Reading Age: 132 yrs and above.

You will like this book, if you like: Silly endings and crows talking!

How does it make me feel when reading it: It made me feel annoyed that this is the first book that I did not like.

(My review first appeared in The Guardian.)