Holiday to Lapland!

Holiday to Lapland!

This winter we went to Lapland to see Father Christmas! I know!

Lapland isn’t actually a country; it is a part where the Sami people live and Lapland spans four countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia.  We went to Finnish Lapland.

We stayed in an AirBnb which was our first time:  Paula’s Place

It was a great apartment with a sauna (say sow-na) and a small courtyard garden which was great for snowball fights!


The first day we went to Santa Park. This is Santa’s underground cavern, underneath the Arctic Circle.

We joined the Elf School and learnt how to be Elves.  We entered their secret room through the chimney breast!

Then we watched the acrobatic Elf show, which was really good.

Then we went on the Magic Train.

We wrote our postcards in Santa’s post office and posted them off.

Then we made Gingerbread cookies in the Elf bakery.

We went into the Ice Princess’ kingdom which was a really cold room where we had to wear warm fur coats and everything was made of ice.

Then we saw FATHER CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went home and had a sauna.

Day 2 was our activity day and this was at Santa Claus Holiday Village. Firstly we went to the Husky Park and saw the huskies.

Then we went on a short husky ride, with the huskies pulling us. They went very fast!

Then we went on some mini snowmobiles.  My brother went really fast and crashed into a tree!

Then we went on a reindeer ride at twilight through the snowy winter wonderland.  It was hard to get any good photos as the light was very limited, but this was an amazing experience.  The reindeer pulling the sleigh behind you would snuffle his nose right up next to your face.

My brother fell asleep in the sleigh underneath the reindeer furs.

We then went for a nighttime snowmobile ride through the snowy forests, with Mummy and Daddy driving their snowmobile and with me and my brother in a sleigh on the back of the guides snowmobile.  It was a really bumpy ride but very funny!

We had to dress up really warm for this.

Then we went to a restaurant and had reindeer burger and then we went home and had a sauna.

Day 3, we were really exhausted so cancelled our skiing on Mount Ounnasvaara and went to the science museum, Artikum instead. This had 2 sections: one about the Lappish culture and one about the Arctic.

Afterwards we went to the Artikum Beach, which is an area beside the river and an island in the middle.  The river was completely frozen over so it was just a big winter wonderland that we could play in.

Then we walked back through town and saw a giant Moomin and Buddy had a go on an ice slide.

Then we went back and had a sauna.

That evening, we were picked up at night and went for a night time safari to see the northern lights.  Although the night started off with clear skies, it soon clouded over and we didn’t get to see them.  However, we saw them in the planetarium in Artikum, so that is the picture here.

We also went into a Sami yurt and cooked sausages over the camp fire and had hot lingon-berry juice.  Then we had a snowball fight outside with some nice people from Turkey.

Then we went into the quiet bit of the forest and the reindeer came up to the fence and we got to hand-feed them lichen, which is their favourite food.

This was an amazing night, even though we didn’t get to see the Aurora Borealis.

The next morning we really struggled to get up to leave for the airport!

Bye Rovaniemi!

Bye Lapland!! See you again!